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Data Express was designed for Mobile Physician Services to efficiently move data. Data Express is used with 2 other software applications to move data using FTP or SFTP protocols. The primary function of Data Express is to manage that data.

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Abundant Technologies provides a turnkey data management solution for medical data. A typical client collects data 5 days per weeks and initiates transfer of this data to the FTP Host at the end of the workday. The received data will arrive in a central upload folder. After the data transfer is complete the data manager will sort the data from the central folder to individual download folders. Once data has been sorted it is available for download to the remote location. Data will remain in the download folders typically from 3 to 5 days.
The 2 other software applications provide the FTP transfers. The central upload program is an off-the-shelf FTP client program such as WS-FTP or CuteFTP. The Physician download program has been developed by Abundant Technologies specifically for this purpose. The download program periodically checks for new records and when found downloads them silently. When a record download is complete the Physician is notified and interpretation can begin.
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